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Portable Ramps - Two Fold

Easily roll over porches, curbs, and other small steps with these portable wheelchair ramps. Lightweight aluminum construction and a user-friendly folding design ensures that portability is a breeze while a high traction grit surface and full plate lip enhances safety and grip. When not in use, simply fold the ramp in half or split it into two manageable pieces by removing the flexible center pin and use the built-in handles for easy transport.

Bi-Fold Wheelchair Ramp

600 lb. Capacity

* Manufactured from high-strength lightweight           aluminum

* 600 lb. weight capacity

* Available in 5 lengths to accommodate rises up to 12"

* High-traction grit surface for added safety and grip

* Includes steel security pins for mounting, velcro closures for transportation, and built-in carrying handles

* Tapered curbs allow exterior doors to be opened without hitting the ramp

* Folds to 1/2 of its original size for easy transport

Length    Max. Rise   Folded Length   Weight   Price

    2 foot         4 inches         24 inches      12 lbs.  $270.00

    3 foot         6 inches         36 inches      18 lbs.  $299.00

    4 foot         8 inches         48 inches      23 lbs.  $299.00

    5 foot       10 inches         60 inches      28 lbs.  $395.00

    6 foot        12 inches        72 inches      34 lbs.  $445.00


Made in the USA

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