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Full Size Power Wheelchairs

Pride Jazzy EVO 613

The Jazzy EVO 613 and Jazzy EVO 613Li measure in at an impressive 22 inches wide at the base and offer a 22-inch turning radius. Not only is it one of the most powerful power wheelchairs on the market, but it's also one of the narrowest and most maneuverable.

The Jazzy EVO 613 series gives you all the best that Pride has to offer with patented Active-Trac Suspension and exclusive Mid-Wheel 6 Technology that provide you with a smoother, stable ride.

And it does all that while pushing the limits of mileage and speed capabilities. A single charge can carry you up to 21 miles with the lithium battery, and top speeds up to 5.1 mph.

The Jazzy EVO 613 series of power wheelchairs with lithium batteries represent a philosophy shared at Pride Mobility: "If you're not constantly improving, ever innovating, and pushing boundaries, you might as well fall behind."

If you select the Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery option you will get:

Faster charging time

Sustained power performance

Lighter weight

More useable energy

Longer life

(Note: the Lithium Battery is not airline-compliant)





Weight Capacity 300 lbs

In Stock




Pride Jazzy EVO 614HD



NEW FOR 2023

Meet the new Jazzy® EVO 614HD - faster, stronger and more rugged. Versus the retired Jazzy 614, the new Jazzy EVO 614 has a 4.8 mph top speed, increased ground clearance to 3" and new 13.75" drive wheels so you sit higher and tackle uneven terrain with ease.

The Pride Jazzy® EVO 614 Power Wheelchair features perforated tires for a softer ride over varied terrain and for enhanced performance it is equipped with the Active-Trac® ATX Suspension. It has a powerful motor and a sturdy frame with a heavy duty seat post that swivels for ease of transferring out of the chair.  For your comfort the armrests are height, width, depth and angle adjustable. While the seat width is available up to 22" in width.

The Jazzy® EVO 614 offers one of the best options for a heavy-duty power wheelchair that can be used just as effectively indoors as it can be used outdoors. A tight 22” turning radius is amongst you will find in a heavy duty power wheelchair and for any power wheelchair. The Active-Trac® ATX Suspension gives you stability and a smooth ride over uneven terrain. These two features allow you to navigate smaller spaces inside the home as well as manage the terrain of your lawn and uneven pathways.

*To engage and fully utilize the Active-Trac ATX Suspension user weight must be at least 300 lbs.

Weight Capacity 450 lbs

In Stock



Pride Jazzy Air 2



The Jazzy Air 2 power wheelchair by Pride Mobility is an improved version of the groundbreaking Jazzy Air. This new version features a power elevating seat that raises 12 inches in just 11 seconds! The most unique aspect of the power elevating seat is that it can raise or lower while the unit is in motion.


Elevates 12" in just 11 seconds, even while in motion!

FDA Class II Medical Device*

Angle, height and depth adjustable armrests

Drives safely at 4 mph while seat is elevated

Bright LED marker lights for visibility enhancement

Active-Trac suspension for great stability and smooth ride

Under seat front storage compartment


Key Specs

Drive Range: 16.80 miles

Top Speed: 4.00 mph

Heaviest Piece: 205.5 lbs.

Turning Radius: 24.25"

Weight capacity: 300 lbs.

Weight: 231 lbs.

Weight Capacity 300 lbs



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