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Bruno ELAN

Model: SRE 3050

Get the most popular American-made straight stair lift. Bruno's Elan is a mix of stylish design, high-quality functionality and ease-of-use operation. With a narrow vertical rail design, Bruno's Elan stair lift leaves plenty of open space on the steps for family members. 300 lb Lift Capacity (136kg) Limited Lifetime Warranty Made in USA


Model: SRE 2010

Combine quality, comfort and style with an Elite stair lift. The Bruno Elite stair lift offers worry-free access and a premium design that seamlessly blends into your home’s environment. Consider options such as power swivel seat and power folding footrest to customize your Elite stair lift to match your unique situation. 400 lb Lift Capacity (190kg) Limited Lifetime Warranty Made in USA

Bruno ELITE Curved

Model: CRE2110

Enjoy the stair lift built specifically for your home. The Bruno Elite Curved stair lift delivers an unmatched smooth, quiet ride from start to finish. With Bruno's signature stair lift, the quality and comfort are second to none. Add power options to further customize your Elite curved chair lift to fit your lifestyle. 400 lb Lift Capacity (190kg) 5 Year Warranty Made in USA


ELITE Outdoor Stair Lift

Model: SRE-2010E

The Elite Outdoor Stair Lift is specifically designed to withstand harsh environments, giving you the ability to enjoy the outside of your home safely. Whether you need help getting up porch stairs or down steps to the pier, the Outdoor Elite reliably takes you there with a smooth, safe ride. The Elite Outdoor Straight stairlift features weather-resistant seat materials, a light-weight cover and anodized aluminum rail to ensure you can count on your chairlift for years into the future. 400 lb Lift Capacity (136kg) 5-Year Limited Warranty Made in USA


ELITE Curved Outdoor

Stair Lift

Model: CRE-2110E

Access your outdoor living spaces with an Elite Outdoor Curved stair lift. Custom-made for your stairs, the Bruno Elite Outdoor Curved stair lift precisely matches the distance, elevation and angles of your stairway. Relax outdoors with an easy-to-use Elite Outdoor Curved stair lift - built specifically for your home. No matter what the weather, Bruno’s Elite Outdoor Curved stairlift helps you enjoy the freedom of the great outdoors. The Elite offers Bruno’s renowned reliability and smooth, safe ride. The weather-protected design ensures top-notch performance year round. 400 lb Lift Capacity (136kg) 5-Year Limited Warranty Made in USA


Residential Vertical


Platform Lift

Model: VPL-3100B; VPL-3200B

Use a vertical platform lift like a mini home elevator. Often called a porch lift, a Bruno residential vertical platform lift is a cost-effective home accessibility solution to give scooter and wheelchair users an alternative to entryway or deck steps. Gain access to your porch, deck, or floor-to-floor without sacrificing space. The quiet, smooth lift accommodates any wheelchair, power chair or scooter. Give yourself the freedom to get in and out of your home with just a push of a button. You’re in control. 750 lb Lift Capacity Up to 14ft 2-Year Limited Warranty Made in USA

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