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Heavy duty lift chairs feature generous weight capacities and sizing, making lift chairs accessible for many different people. These lift chairs are durable and made of high quality materials – they’re designed to last.


The heavy duty lift chairs on this page have weight capacities ranging from 500 to 700 pounds. You’ll find that these weight capacities are far greater than the weight capacities of your average lift chair. Additionally, these chairs can accommodate users of different heights – some of these chairs can accommodate users up to 6’6” tall. The seat widths themselves also vary, ranging from 18 to more than 25” wide. With a heavy duty lift chair, you can find a chair which truly suits your individual size and weight.

Golden Comforter  PR-505-M26 Extra Wide with MaxiComfort CALL FOR YOUR PRICE!

When it's time to relax and unwind, allow Golden Technologies' patent-pending MaxiComfort Zero-Gravity Positioning Technology to offer you more positioning comfort than any other lift and recline chair available today. MaxiComfort allows you to recline in the zero gravity-like position developed by NASA, reducing lower back pain and relieving muscle tension. You can also elevate the hips to relieve lower back pain or recline with your feet above your heart to relieve swelling in your legs, ankles and feet.

375 LB Capacity

Pride Heritage Heavy Duty LC-358XXL 2-Position CALL FOR YOUR PRICE!

The Heritage Line LC-358XXL 2-Position Heavy Duty Lift Chair is a bariatric chair that provides unmatched comfort for the larger individual. This heavy-duty lift chair features an increased weight capacity up to 600 lbs., a seat width of 30 in., a high-density REFLEX Foam in the seat and chaise pad for excellent durability, and heavy-duty lift frame to provide comfort and high performance for years to come.

600 LB Capacity

Golden Heavy Duty PR-502 Independent Position 700 lb. Capacity CALL FOR YOUR PRICE!

Your custom-made PR502 will provide the perfect level of support and strength, designed to perform year after year. Equipped with three motors, the chair allows for separate operation of the footrest and the back. You will enjoy the flexibility of position options With a 700 pound weight capacity, triple motors and 33" of comfortable space between the arms, this lift chair is the highest weight capacity lift chair that we carry. The cushions are high-density foam for durability, and the seat cushion is reversible.

700 LB Capacity

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